Off to Great Wolf Lodge

Destination: Great Wolf Lodge (weather forecast, park website)
Departing: Friday, January 10, 2014 from Greystone Baptist Church at 4pm
Returning: Saturday, January 11, 2014 to Greystone Baptist Church around 10pm
Activities: Water park fun
Cost: $95 per person plus food

Pre-Trip Checklist

In preparation for this trip, please follow this checklist:

  1. Confirm your attendance with the Scoutmasters
  2. Complete, with your parent or guardian, an emergency medical treatment form, if you have not completed one or if your current one is more than one year old
  3. Have your parent or guardian sign the permission slip
  4. No later than Monday, December 16, 2013, turn in your emergency medical treatment form (if applicable), signed permission slip, and the activity fee
  5. Pack your gear, keeping these suggestions in mind:
    • Bring swimming suit, towel, and deck shoes

    Check the library for helpful planning information!

Who may attend and what's included?

Families are allowed to attend if so desired.

The $95 cost includes transporation, room and board, and tickets for the Water Park but does NOT include food.

Scouts will also need to bring money for food, as well as any extra activities they would like to do.

Payment and permission slips for everyone due on the 16th

We need payment and permissions slips for everyone going by the 16th, so that we can lock in our reservations. This includes payment for family members attending.