Joining our Notification Group

We have teamed with Text Message People ( to provide broadcast text message and email notifications for our Troop.

This service allows us (Scoutmasters) to communicate with you (Parents) effectively, quickly, and with minimum expense.

How will Troop 388 use this service?

While there are many possible uses, we intend to initially use this service to notify you of arrival times after our monthly outings. We will be able to give you accurate arrival time estimates so that you can pick up your Scout quickly, without wasting your day waiting.

Simply join our group from your cell phone or email account (or both), and the service will relay our messages to you, instantly.

How to join:

Simply enter your email address (or cell phone to receive text messages) and click Join:

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What happens when you join?

When we send a message to the group, you will receive the message on the cell phone or email address you joined with. If you joined with both your cell phone and email address, then you will receive the message at both locations.

We will only use this service for sending important messages that need timely delivery.

How to leave the group?

If you would like to leave the group, either email or text the word "REMOVEME" to and you'll be automatically removed.


If you have any questions, please contact ASM Bettini, and he will be happy to assist you.